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Dave Koz (March 27, 1963) is an American jazz saxophonist. He often draws comparisons to another well-known saxophonist, David Sanborn. Because the two sound almost alike, Koz is sometimes billed as “the second coming of Sanborn”. He usually plays soprano and alto saxophones, but sometimes plays tenor and occasionally baritone.

Dave Koz was born on March 27, 1963 in Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley. From an early age, he and his sister took piano lessons. “My mom basically forced my sister and me to play piano from when we were toddlers. I hated piano; I was never any good at it. But I have to thank her now for making me do it, because I write most of my songs on the piano.” Around age nine, he rebelled and began taking drum lessons, but notes that he was not very good at drums, “I am the world’s worst drummer. I could not keep time to save my life.” At age 13, his brother, Jeff, had a band that Dave wanted to be in, but his brother told him over and over that there was no way he could be in it. Dave eventually wore him down, and his brother told him that the only way he could be in the band was if he could play the saxophone, because their band did not have a saxophonist. That was all he needed to hear. Two years later, he was in the band and working gigs with the band and by himself.

Dave attended William Howard Taft High School in Woodland Hills, performing on saxophone as a member of the school jazz band. He later graduated from UCLA with a degree in mass communications in 1986, and only weeks after his graduation, decided to make a go of becoming a professional musician. Within weeks of that decision, he was recruited as a member of Bobby Caldwell’s tour. For the rest of the 1980s, Koz served as a session musician in several bands, toured with artists such as Richard Marx, and increased his popularity playing in the house band on Pat Sajak’s late-night talk show, with Tom Scott as bandleader.[citation needed]

In 1990, Koz decided to pursue a solo career, and began recording for Capitol Records. The move proved to be successful, and his self-titled album earned high praise from critics and fans alike. His later albums include Lucky Man, The Dance, and Saxophonic. Saxophonic was nominated for both a Grammy and an NAACP Image Award.

In 1994, Koz began hosting a syndicated radio program, “The Dave Koz Radio Show” (formerly “Personal Notes”), featuring the latest music and interviews with who’s who in the genre. Dave co-hosted of The Dave Koz Morning Show With Pat Prescott on 94.7 The Wave, a smooth jazz station in Los Angeles for six years. He decided to leave the show in January 2007 and was replaced by Brian McKnight.

In 2002, Koz started a record label, Rendezvous Entertainment, with Frank Cody and Hyman Katz. One of the first albums from that label was Golden Slumbers: A Father’s Lullaby, which came at the time his brother Jeff became a father for the first time.

In an April 2004 interview with The Advocate, Koz came out publicily as a gay man. Later the same year, he was named by People magazine as one of their “50 Hottest Bachelors” in their June issue.

In 2004 he recorded the Luther Vandross song “If Only For One Night” with Paul Jackson, Jr., Brian Culbertson and Lenny Castro, as one of the tracks for the GRP Records tribute album, Forever, For Always, For Luther.[1] In 2006, he played on all the songs for the followup tribute album, released this time on his own Rendezvous Entertainment label, called Forever, For Always, For Luther Volume II, which also was produced by Rex Rideout and Bud Harner.[2] Vandross also appeared as a background vocalist on the single “Can’t Let You Go (The Sha-La Song)” from Koz’s 1999 album, The Dance.

In 2006, Koz was selected to host a syndicated afternoon show for Broadcast Architecture’s new Smooth Jazz Network. The show, based in Los Angeles, is broadcast on other Smooth Jazz stations across the country. Koz and Ramsey Lewis are the only two Smooth Jazz personalities to host two different syndicated shows during the week.

Koz plays the saxophone in The Power Hour’s bumper music.[citation needed]

[edit] Trivia

* Initially picked up the saxophone as a means of gaining entry into his big brother’s band.
* The first record Koz ever bought was Tower of Power’s Back to Oakland, memorizing all of the solos and horn lines played by Lenny Pickett.
* Koz performed “Faces of the Heart”, which served as the theme song on the ABC hit soap General Hospital from 1993 to 2004.
* Dave Koz performed Careless Whisper with “Asia’s Songbird” (Regine Velasquez) during his visit in the Philippines.
* He is endorsed by Yamaha and plays primarily Yamaha horns.
* Has a Conn curved soprano saxophone that was made in the 1920s. He generally only plays this horn live.
* Serves as a Global Ambassador for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.
* Known for his enthusiastic stage presence.





PEMAIN saksofon asal Amerika Serikat, Dave Koz (44), Jumat (16/3) siang tampil di atrium Mal Pondok Indah 2, Jakarta Selatan. Kedatangan ketiga kali Dave Koz ke Jakarta ini untuk mempromosikan album barunya, At The Movies. Di antara 15 tracks dalam At The Movies, Koz berkolaborasi dengan grup ADA Band pada lagu Manusia Bodoh. Pemilik nama lengkap David Kozlowski ini berkata, “Saya dikirimi beberapa lagu oleh EMI (Indonesia). Saya memilih Manusia Bodoh.”

Dia kemudian menerangkan alasannya. “Saya tidak paham liriknya. Tapi, Donnie (penyanyi ADA Band — Red) sangat fantastik. Melodi musiknya menyentuh hati saya,” katanya.

Koz pun berseloroh, “Tapi, (soal manusia bodoh) kamu tidak bicara tentang diri saya kan? Meski di beberapa sikap, saya tampak seperti itu, ha..ha..ha…”

Manusia Bodoh dijadikan lagu terakhir di album At The Movies versi Indonesia. At The Movies berisi koleksi musik lawas film dunia, yang pernah jadi nomine dan meraih Piala Oscar. Koz memilih musik film yang memoriable atau paling berkesan. Sebut saja Pink Pather, Over the Rainbow (film The Wizard of Oz, Piala Oscar 1940), dan As Time Goes By (film Casablanca).

Di atas panggung kecil yang sederhana kemarin, pria kelahiran Los Angeles, 27 Maret 1963, ini menghibur para pengunjung mal. Mereka pun tak ingin menyia- nyiakan tontonan gratis ini. Dalam konser mini yang digelar Volkswagen Indonesia dan label EMI Indonesia tersebut, Koz membawakan tak kurang dari tujuh lagu, ditemani music director-nya, Bryan Simpson, yang memainkan synthesizer.

Saat menyanyikan It Might be You (film Tootsie), Koz duet bareng biduan asal Indonesia, Lea Simanjuntak. Kemudian, kala menginterpretasikan lagu Moon River (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Oscar 1962), Koz tampil bareng penyanyi sekaligus dokter yang lagi naik daun, Tompi.

Koz begitu akrab dan kerap menyapa audiens. Dengan Lea, Koz menyatakan baru ketemu langsung nyanyi bareng. Sementara, dengan Tompi, Koz bermain- main improvisasi. Tompi mengaku baru kali ini membawakan Moon River, jadi minta izin baca teks.

Tompi bereksplorasi dengan vocalizing, Koz mengikuti, mereka adu kebolehan main musik “jazz” dengan caranya. Saking gemesnya atas kemampuan menyanyi Tompi, Koz mendorong badan Tompi, sambil tertawa lepas. Terakhir, Tompi menantang Koz membawakan musik etnik berirama Sunda. “Ini sangat sulit,” ucap Koz seusai menjawab tantangan Tompi.

Sebelum pamit, Koz yang pernah tampil di Java Jazz Festival (JJF) I dan mengagumi kualitas vokal Ruth Sahanaya berkata, “Apa saya bilang? Kualitas musik dan musisi jazz di Indonesia sangat baik kan.” (*)

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